About Us

About Us

Turf Rain Offers Irrigation Systems Services across Toronto, Milton, Mississauga

Turf Rain Irrigation Systems have been servicing the southern Ontario region since 1994 specializing in irrigation systems for residential, commercial, industrial, and golf sites.

Our philosophy is centered on customer satisfaction by providing complete and reliable service in all aspects of the irrigation industry. Specializing in irrigation system preliminary design and cost estimates, site analysis, working drawings and specification packages, system lay out and installation, as built plans, and post installation services. We also offer services in landscape lighting.

About-Irrigation-SystemsWe pride ourselves on doing the best job and take into account factors like controller location, number of watering zones, sprinkler head types and positioning, the effect of shade, slope, varying soil types as well as the size and type of your water source, when we plan, design and implement an irrigation system. We use the best installation techniques and pay close attention to unseen details including the pipe fitting work, wire connections, the way we backfill trenches, and surge protection for controllers. We are also meticulous about what is visible, making sure that we properly groom, compact and clean up trenches, holes and vibratory plow routes.

Our employees are professionally qualified with vast experience in all areas of the industry. Our after-sales service is consistent with our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, committing to fast and efficient response times for any service calls. We also offer annual maintenance contracts, where we service everything from the irrigation pump station to the sprinkler head. Pricing is based on your system size, age and complexity.

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